Alter of Zeus from Pergamon, now in the Bode Museum, Berlin

I edit books and stories for writers wanting to refine and/or publish their work. I edit and evaluate fiction and non-fiction manuscripts so they might be presented to editors, agents, and publishers in clean, vivid form.

Because I have been in the “writing business” for many years, I know the absolute necessity of trusted feedback. I offer overall feedback and recommendations for enhancement to projects, as well as developmental, literary, and technical editing and coaching that can aid writers attain literary mastery.

I respect the individual voice and intent of each writer, and preserve the integrity of the writer’s intent, always.

I guide books and stories to full potential, streamlining wobbly prose, muddy ideas, and shadowy characters into vivid and clear narrative images and dialog that grab and hold the reader.

My goal always is to help writers realize their potential and achieve their literary goals.

I have a Master’s Degree in English, Language Arts and Literature, a credential in College Composition and Grammar, and have taught college-level creative writing, literature, grammar, and composition for twenty-five years.

I am an active writer of both fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Please email me if you have any questions. I’m glad to be of service to writers.

I wish you every success with your writing project!

Cost of Services


*A note on availability and turnaround time:

I work on projects in the order that they are received here at my office. I send an email to you confirming that I have received your manuscript, and another when I begin evaluating your work and deposit your check.

An average manuscript evaluation takes me three weeks to a month. I like to give ample thinking time to the projects I comment on, letting the manuscript work on me as it will work on readers, most responses coming immediately, others working their way up to the surface over days and weeks. I also like to be thoughtful, and specific in my remarks to clients so that I offer them in-depth rather than spontaneous analysis of the work and clear options for further development and refinement of the manuscript.